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If you’re thinking of investing in the Glenbrook, Nevada real estate market, NOW is a great time. 

The Tahoe real estate market (which includes Glenbrook) is as hot as the Mojave Desert! 2019 saw a huge increase in the demand for housing around Tahoe and real estate economists say “the Nevada side (of Tahoe) hasn’t even gotten close to the top.” With the continuation of California’s exodus, demand will only intensify, consequently increasing home values.

The high demand for Nevada real estate is a result of the increase in population as well as an overall rise of the economy. These factors have had a huge impact on the Tahoe housing market which is becoming one of the hottest 2nd home and vacation markets in the US. As THE destination for over 15 million annual visitors, Lake Tahoe sees many interested investors and future residents.

Is a Glenbrook, Nevada-Tahoe property a good real estate investment? Yes, the Glenbrook, Nevada real estate market provides an excellent opportunity for investors and home buyers alike. For savvy investors, the Nevada/Tahoe market is both stable and predictable. For buyers looking at relocating to Lake Tahoe (Nevada), the 2020 real estate market offers a great opportunity for finding your dream home. Consumer confidence is strong in this extremely stable housing market and with relatively low inventory, demand is very high.

Let’s take a look at the number of positive things going on in the Glenbrook, Nevada real estate market:

1. This area isn’t for everybody they all would if they could

This is a very exclusive neighborhood and private community. Whether you live inside the gates of Glenbrook proper or outside within the 89413-zip code, expect to pay over $2,000,000 for a home. The average price tag is approximately $3,449,000. In fact, one property was recently on the market for $69,000,000! This certainly narrows down potential buyers to a fraction of the top 1%. However, the neighborhood is comprised of successful, down-to-earth people who have created a close-knit, welcoming community with pot luck dinners, a book club, bridge group, sun set (golf cart) tailgates and weekly meet-ups. There’s also a variety of sporting events like the “9-N-Dine” golf outings at Glenbrook’s private golf club and weekly tennis matches. 

2. California’s loss is Nevada’s gain

A $3.5m median price may be steep if you’re coming from the heartland where a mid-market home costs between $200,000 and $250,000. However, tax refugees from California, and other states alike, who are flooding into Nevada find that same house to be an outright bargain. Comparable San Francisco properties can be as much as $6,000,000.

3. Nevada is the ultimate, low tax locale 

There is no state income tax or inheritance tax in Nevada. The average property tax rate in Douglas County is ONLY 0.77%! Click here to learn more about Nevada Tax advantages.

4. Geography limits how much Glenbrook can expand

The federal government owns the vast majority of the state of Nevada. This includes parts of Lake Tahoe. The expansive shorelines and jagged Sierra Mountain terrain is mostly owned by the National Forest Service. This constrains the Glenbrook real estate market as there are very few vacant parcels left in the neighborhood and most of these are owned and held by owners of the abutting property for privacy and view protection.

5. Housing prices are rising slowly but surely

The Glenbrook, Nevada housing market is not set up for a bust because it isn’t overheating. The median, single-family home’s price was just under $3,500,000. And the Cottage & Townhouse market remains in high demand as many are being sold before being placed on the market. If you would like to be in the know, become part of my VIP list. This way I can share exact matches of the properties you are interested in, before they hit the market or worse, they sell before ever going on the market and you never knew. 

6. Deals remain available – but not for long

Many of the homes in Glenbrook were built before the mid-90’s and have been handed down through legacy. Therefore, there is an opportunity to make some needed updates. 

I am offering the real restate deal of the century! I have teamed up with Lake Tahoe’s best Interior Design firm Talie Jane Interiors and have worked out a unparalleled deal for you. If you purchase your new home through me, remodeling will be on me (up to $50,000 = to 2% back on your closing purchase price). A new kitchen to make it perfect? New furniture perhaps? You name it and I’ll pay for it. I will only provide this offer to the next few clients. If you have been thinking about buying and haven’t found the perfect home yet, we can help get it there. Likewise, if you list with me, I will pay for your home staging and any other updates that will make your home more sellable. Updated bathroom, new Paint? No problem. You must mention this offer to receive it as this is only for a limited number of new clients.  If you are curious on how I can do this, call me, I’ll be happy to share it with you. This is for a limited time only.

My offer is also available to newly remodeled homes. Some Glenbrook homes have been completely remodeled and are incredible. In fact, Tahoe Quarterly Magazine just awarded one of the newly remodeled homes in Glenbrook with the most prestigious award of “Best Remodel of the Year!” Yup, and you guessed it… Talie Jane Interiors did that one as well!

So…sooner rather than later.  Why RYAN SCHIESTEL?

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